More than glass

Hi, my name is Paweł and I am… hmm, yeah…. It's hard for me to find one right word. Some guy will say - I'm a pilot, sailor, lawyer and everything is clear. And me? Perhaps it would be easier to describe it. I try to create nice things, guided by my own aesthetics, in the hope that the recipients will like them. I am fascinated by combining various techniques and materials, creating new forms.

It all started with stained glass,  because stained glass has been in my life since I can remember. I grew up looking first at my grandfather and later my parents, who with great passion created these amazing pieces of art using colored glass, lead and tin. I've seen how much effort and time it takes to create with your own hands, without the use of modern technology, things that can please your eyes for many years,.

Stained glass, originally closely related to sacred art and architecture, has found its way to everyday life. In the 19th century, Louis Comfort Tiffany has created a method of joining glass using copper tape and tin. Thanks to this technique, stained glass gained lightness. A possibility of creating spatial forms with a degree of detail unattainable while using the traditional method appeared. In addition to the characteristic lamps made by Tiffany's method, various usable items, caskets, lanterns, etc. started to appear. The imagination of the artist became the only limit.

My idea for stained glass and glass itself is to combine different materials - colored glass, utility glass, wood.

Back in the school days, I used to show up in my parents' workshop and experiment with new forms. I have always wanted to "disenchant" the stained glass so that it would not only be an ornament hung in a window, or a lamp with repetable patterns that can be found everywhere.

I try to create simple forms and patterns that will harmonize with any interior.

Recently, I started experimenting with epoxy resin and reclaimed HDPE. They offer amazing possibilities and you will see the results soon.

That’s why - Breitling Glass… and more ;-)